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A scan via infrared earphones collects the body’s data stored in the brain stem. Through this, it scans the frequency of every cell in the body and recognises the origin of the problem. The bio-resonance scanner also scans the bones, organs, veins, skin and nervous system, and many more.

By emitting the correct frequencies or healthy frequencies back into the body, META therapy can help the organ to function normally. This treatment helps the body and cells to fibrate or communicate in it's original, healthy way.

As a singer can break a glass when singing at a certain pitch, a pitch that matches the natural frequency of the glass. So unique frequencies are part of every object, although invisible to the human eye. Specially-designed infrared headphones conduct the frequencies into your body. In this way we can scan and treat any part of your body in 3D.

Our herbal tincture range is made from the purest and best quality natural herbs. It is free of solvents, metals, colouring and preservatives. It hosts a wide range of products to suit anyone’s need for better health. Specialized technology is used in the manufacturing of our products.

We do recommend certain remedies to our clients for the best results on their health journey. These homeopathic remedies help the body heal from the inside out. They will be recommended to each clients needs after the Bio-Resonance scan has been done.

Ozone therapy is used to treat chronic wounds, to ozonate water, to kill pathogens in the air and sterilize food. Ozone or pure oxygen helps the healing process both on the inside and on the outside of the body. Balanced ozone in the body helps with better overall health.

Dr. Hulda Clark realised that if we treat parasites with electronic and herbal treatments and avoid pollution, that we will become healthier. She also discovered that everything has a unique frequency and so the zapper was invented. After all there is a cure for all diseases as she said.

The rife machine is a frequency generator invented to eliminate pathogens from the body. It generates a specific frequency (unique to each pathogen, like fingerprints) to zap the parasite, bacteria or virus found in the body. Rife treatments cause the parasite to die… the origin of many illnesses.

With your full body bio-resonance scan, you will also receive an analysis and explanation of your scan. Any enquiries and assistance will be available as your needs require. Advanced health advice and recommendations will be made to assist you in living a healthier and better-quality life.

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For guidance in finding the right product for your needs, please use our body map index to discover our recommendations for your health concerns