Traditionally we have been convinced that the body is a faulty machine that needs to be fixed, monitored and changed, either through a number of invasive methods. We have been taught that we must suppress symptoms, not heal. We ignore the messages that our body sends to us to take heed of something happening that is out of balance.

This new thought about health has been around for some time now… Holistic Health. The pattern of thought now is that your body is very capable of healing itself. This is achieved by your participation. You are the one who feels your body’s cries of pain and discomfort. World Famous Louise Hay was one of the first teachers to help us understand and listen to our body’s by aligning every illness, dis-ease and aliment with an emotional issue or thought process. By looking inward at how you think, speak, act and feel you are beginning to understand that health is a whole modality. Permanent healing comes from many angles and it is up to you to make the necessary changes to align the balance of your body. This is done in three parts: The foods and liquids you consume, the products you use on your body and in your home and finally what you believe, think, feel and say. 

A scan via infrared earphones collects the body’s data stored in the brain stem. Through this, it scans the frequency of every cell in the body and recognises the origin of the problem. The bio-resonance scanner also scans the bones, organs, veins, skin and nervous system, and many more. 

As you know, a singer can break a glass when singing at a certain pitch. This happens because that frequency matches the natural frequency of the glass – and shatters it. Frequencies are invisible to the naked eye, yet every object has a unique frequency like fingerprints– human, animal, plant, or rock; bodily organs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses. They are a part of every single thing that has been created.

Specially-designed headphones conduct the frequencies into your body. In this way, we can scan and treat any part of your body – head to toe! Your body is scanned to detect viruses, parasites, heavy metals, chemical imbalances, tumours, glandular and other disorders.