Health Concerns


This is the structures that we can see, touch and measure.

To screen this body you can do:

  • Physical exam (that includes blood pressure, blood tests etc)
  • Iridology
  • Life blood analysis
  • Surgical exploration and different scopes like colonoscopy/gastroscopy/knee scope

To treat or manage this body level:

  • Look into different diet therapies (like ketogenic diet, blood group diet, intermittent fasting etc)
  • Follow a suitable exercise program
  • Make use of herbal and nutritional supplements
  • Attend a chiropractor or BSR therapist
  • Surgery if needed
  • Prescription drugs if prescribed
  • Breathing techniques
  • Cleansing/detoxing


This is the electromagnetic force and biophoton (light) fields that our body emits or stores. Did you know that your memories are stored in your biophoton field? In short, this is the way your body is vibrating and the vibrations it is sending out. The frequency is then measured in the energy body system.

To screen this body you can do:

  • Biofeedback evaluation at INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg
  • ART/Autonomic response testing
  • Thermogram
  • EEG, ECG, X ray, MRI, CAT scan, Ultra sound Kinesiology

To manage or treat this body level:

  • Rife Sessions at INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg
  • Acupuncture
  • Protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution
  • Earth therapy
  • Homeopathy


This is your individual connection to the Divine. Only you can screen this body, as it is Private and Personal.To balance this body level make use of prayer and meditation.


This is where your intuition or gut feeling are based, and isconnected with your 6 senses.

To screen this body you can:

  • Look into family history
  • Consult a art therapist

To treat or manage this body level you can do:

  • Colour therapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Aromatherapy


This is where all your life events are recorded and stored. This includes your thoughts, believes and attitudes.

To screen this body you can do:

  • Consultation at Psychologist
  • Consultation at Homeopath
  • ART / Autonomic response testing

To treat or manage this body level you can use:

  • Homeopathy
  • Light therapy
  • EFT
  • Bodytalk | 071-658 3940

Almost everyone has Candida albicans in their gut, it only starts to cause trouble when there is some change in your body that allow it to overgrow and disturb the healthy balance of micro- organisms in your gut. A few courses of antibiotics, a prolonged diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar, and even a long period of stress at work can cause this change.

Candida albicans, a single-celled fungus is always present in the genital and intestinal tracts. If it is present in disproportionate quantities, however, it can cause infection.

Because candidiasis can affect various parts of the body, it can be characterized by a wide array of symptoms:

  • The way you feel: inability to focus, anger, poor memory, brain fog, irritability, dizziness, depression, low libido, panic attacks, extreme fatigue, insomnia cravings for sweet and alcohol….
  • You’re Digestive System: acid reflux, flatulence, bloating, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, stomach cramps, indigestion, itching anus …
  • You’re Skin: acne, cysts, hives, night sweats, eczema, and psoriasis, fungal infections of nails and skin, body odour, athlete’s foot …
  • You’re Mouth: thrush (white on the tongue), halitosis, swollen lower lip, canker sores, bleeding gums, cracked tongue …
  • You’re Respiratory System: mucus in throat, sore throat, persistent cough, sinus congestion, nasal drip, flu-like symptoms, sinusitis, asthma …
  • Your Ears and Eyes: eye pain, itchy eyes, blurred vision, sensitive to light, bags under eyes, ringing in the ears, ear infection …
  • Your Genito-urinary system: recurring yeast infection, recurring urinary tract infections, PMS and menstrual irregularities, cystitis, fungal rash …
  • Your Immune system: frequent colds and flu, allergies, sensitivities to food, fragrances and chemicals …
  • You’re Weight: inability to lose weight, water retention, weight loss …
  • Other Symptoms: headaches, heart palpitations, chronic bone and/or joint pain, muscle aches and stiffness …

Symptoms often worsen in damp or mouldy places, or after consumption of food containing sugar and /or yeast. Because of its many and varied symptoms, this disorder is often misdiagnosed.

All persons on long-term antibiotics or chemotherapy are at high risk for severe cases of candidiasis.

4-step to approach, manage & control Candida!


The following herbs & supplements are beneficial in killing Candida:

  • Oreganum Vulgaris: fights free radical, inflammation, bacterial/viral/fungal infections. Immune booster.
  • Olive Leaf Extract: it has anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antiviral and bactericidal properties. Stimulates your immune system’s response to unwelcome invaders like Candida. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Caprylic Acid: comes from the coconut. It has an 8 carbo-medium chained triglyceride with anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. It disrupts the cell membranes of yeast which kills the yeast cells.
  • Golden Seal: contains a phytochemical, “Berberine” that acts as an anti-fungal.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract: is a natural immune stimulator with antibacterial activity. GSE disrupts the bacterial membrane.
  • Coconut Oil: almost 50% of the fatty acid in coconut oil is the 12-carbon Lauric Acid. After digestion Lauric Acid forms “Monolaurin”. Both Lauric Acid and Monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Pau D’Arco: Cleanses the blood. Fights bacterial & viral infections.
  • Candimex is a product that includes all the above.


Avoid and Reduce –

All sugar (Candida thrives in a sugary environment)

Natural sweeteners (e.g. honey)


Fermented foods

Yeast (e.g. bread)

Fruit (initially)

Dried fruit

Dairy foods

Malted food

Allergens (e.g. wheat, dairy)

Refined foods

Increase –

Meat, chicken, fish

Olive Oil





Herb teas

Whole foods




Coconut oil


In addition to speeding the elimination of Candida organisms from the intestines, the soluble fibre portion of psyllium may help absorb toxins that area produced when Candida dies, thereby reducing the unpleasant die-off reaction, fibre is also crucial in promoting healthy bowel ecology via its use by probiotic organisms as a primary source of food.


These beneficial digestive bacteria may control Candida albicans in the digestive tract through various properties.

Firstly, probiotic organisms produce a variety of organic acids that help to lower the pH (increase the acidity) in the intestinal tract, making the environment inhospitable for Candida and other pathogenic organisms.

Secondly probiotic strains compete with the Candida for food.

They compete with candida for implantation space on the intestinal wall.


Avoid exposure to mouldy environments

Avoid exposure to environmental toxins

The programme for dealing with systemic candidiasis requires considerable willpower and commitment.

Book a Bio-Resonance scan at INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg to find the origin of your health concern.

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Here is a home Candida yeast test, one you can do in the morning. We do not know the source of the home Candida test but it’s been around a long time and is thought to be quite reliable in the evaluation of Candida symptoms.

When you awake in the morning, before you put anything into your mouth, work up some saliva and spit it into a clear glass of water. Within 1-30 minutes, look in the glass. If there are strings coming down from your saliva, or if the water turned cloudy, or if your

saliva sank to the bottom, YOU MAY HAVE A CANDIDA CONCERN!

Healthy saliva will simply float on the top!

(You may want to put out a glass of water in the bathroom or on the night stand the night before you wish to do the home Candida Saliva test, just to remind yourself not to brush your teeth prior to spitting into the glass.)

Here is a home Candida yeast test, one you can do in the morning. We do not know the source of the home Candida test but it’s been around a long time and is thought to be quite reliable in the evaluation of Candida symptoms.

When you awake in the morning, before you put anything into your mouth, work up some saliva and spit it into a clear glass of water. Within 1-30 minutes, look in the glass. If there are strings coming down from your saliva, or if the water turned cloudy, or if your

saliva sank to the bottom, YOU MAY HAVE A CANDIDA CONCERN!

Healthy saliva will simply float on the top!

(You may want to put out a glass of water in the bathroom or on the night stand the night before you wish to do the home Candida Saliva test, just to remind yourself not to brush your teeth prior to spitting into the glass.)

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A circadian rhythm|cycle, is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep–wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. It can refer to any process that originates within an organism and responds to the environment. These 24-hour rhythms|cycles are driven by a circadian clock, and they have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria.

Color or colour therapy and it’s affect on the human body, mind and soul.

Colour does have and affect on how we feel and the way we think.different color affect us in different ways and make us feel different. Color therapy is used to treat our body and mind, we live in a colorful world and thus we need color in our lives.


violet, lilac, grape or lavender

Purple is the highest colour in the visible spectrum. It has a very calming effect onus and is, therefore, very helpful for those people experiencing sleep difficulties or stress.


sage, olive, moss or mint

Green is the colour of balance and harmony and can, therefore, be helpful in times of stress. If one has experienced a trauma, a green silk wrapped around the shoulders can have a very therapeutic effect.


carrot, fire, tiger or honey

Orange is the colour of fun and sociability and can be used in any activity area and creative areas.


teal, sky, demin or sapphire

Blue is the color of Calming, relaxing and healing. Also the colour of communication.Can be used in any rooms except those used for physical activity or play.


oat, sand, biscotti or latte

Yellow is one of the three colours in the lower half of the visible spectrum It is known as a “warm” colour and has a stimulating effect. It is the colour of the intellect and can be very helpful with study and where concentration is required.



berry, blush, scarlet or merlot

Orange is such a good colour for us in many ways. It stimulates and energizes us, and is warming. It is an excellent colour for creativity.. | 071-658 3940

Diseases such as covid-19 and influenza can be fatal due to an overreaction of the body’s immune system called a cytokine storm.

Cytokines are small proteins released by many different cells in the body, including those of the immune system where they coordinate the body’s response against infection and trigger inflammation. The name ‘cytokine’ is derived from the Greek words for cell (cyto) and movement (kinos).

Sometimes the body’s response to infection can go into overdrive. When the virus enters the lungs, it triggers an immune response, attracting immune cells to the region to attack the virus, resulting in localised inflammation. But in some patients, excessive or uncontrolled levels of cytokines are released which then activate more immune cells, resulting in hyper inflammation. This can seriously harm or even kill the patient.

The phenomenon became more widely known after the 2005 outbreak of the avian H5N1 influenza virus, also known as “bird flu”, when the high fatality rate was linked to an out-of-control cytokine response.

Cytokine storms might explain why some people have a severe reaction to corona viruses while others only experience mild symptoms. They could also be the reason why younger people are less affected, as their immune systems are less developed and so produce lower levels of inflammation-driving cytokines.

Autopsies prove that COVID-19 is a Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation(Pulmonary Thrombosis)

Pathologists are the best source of real information but unfortunately, their results come out months after the deaths. Autopsies from Italy are now coming to light showing that the CV inflammation is causing sticky blood and blood clots and was implicated in 86 per cent of the deaths. Aside from sepsis 59% ofCOVID-19 patients and 100% of those who died — blood clots also appear to be common in patients with severe COVID-19 disease.

As reported by STAT news: “Doctors treating the sickest COVID-19 patients have zeroed in on a new phenomenon: Some people have developed widespread blood clots, their lungs full of tiny blockages that prevent oxygen from pumping into the bloodstream and body. Physicians from the U.S., TheNetherlands, and China have published a number of case reports in scientific journals about Covid-19 patients with a multitude of small blood clots. In one report, researchers in China said 7 out of 10 patients who died of Covid-19 had small blood clots throughout the bloodstream, compared to fewer than 1 in 100 people who survived.

It still isn’t clear why the virus leads to these blood clots forming, or why patient’s bodies can’t break them up. It also isn’t clear how significant a role they play in a patient’s illness. Doctors are unsure and divided when it comes to treating the blood clots. Some believe it’s advisable to administer blood thinners early, even in mild cases treated at home. Some case studies, however, suggest anticoagulants aren’t doing much to improve outcomes. Serrapeptase, also known as serratiopeptidase, is a manufactured substance similar produced in the gut of the new-born Bombyx mori silkworms, which allow them to dissolve and escape from their cocoons.

Research has shown it can help patients with chronic airway disease, lessening viscosity of sputum and reducing coughing. Serrapeptase breaks down fibrin. It also helps dissolve dead or damaged tissue without harming healthy tissue.

It’s been shown to break down blood clots and reduce the risk of serious clotting by dissolving excess fibrin in the blood vessels, improving circulation and decreasing blood viscosity.

SerraFast Capsules from DNA Biopharm contain Serrapeptase, plus other ingredients that help break down fibrin and blood clots that could be fatal.

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Toxins, pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods all negatively affect health.

Your body is well equipped to eliminate toxins and has a sophisticated system that involves theLIVER, kidneys, digestive system, skin, lungs and the lymphatic system. Only when these organs are healthy, can they eliminate unwanted substances properly.



Here are some tips:

  • Limit alcohol – drinking too much alcohol reduces your liver’s ability to carry out its normal functions such as detoxification.
  • Adequate sleep – It allows your brain to reorganize, recharge and eliminate toxins that accumulate throughout the day.
  • Drink water – It allows your detoxification system to remove waste products from your blood.
  • Reduce sugar and processed (JUNK) food – It harms your liver and kidneys and is directly linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, inflammation etc.
  • Get active! Regular physical activity lowers inflammation and allows your detoxification system to work properly. It also helps your lymphatic system to work properly.
  • Switch to natural personal care and cleaning products to reduce exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.
  • Reduce your salt intake to prevent water retention. You can eliminate excess water and waste by increasing your intake of water and potassium-rich food.
  • DEWORM and do everything to ensure proper bowel movement.

Our mini colon detox for 3 weeks is excellent and a great kickstart! We suggest that one does it twice a year.

Please view our Online Shop or visit Emagenes for advice on what products to use. If you are a sugar addict you must know that it puts a lot of strain on your liver, and it is a good plan to treat the liver for three months with a herbal combination. Replenish your gut flora and eat a variety of fibre-rich food to get enough prebiotics.

Beneficial foods/herbs/supplements things to add to your diet include:

Sulfur-containing food (broccoli, onions, garlic, eggs, dairy, nuts and seeds, legumes etc)

Chlorella: enhance the elimination of heavy metals

Cilantro: enhance the secretion of heavy metals like lead, and chemicals, including phthalates and insecticides.

Glutathione: a major antioxidant heavily involved with detoxification produced by your body.

Anti-oxidant rich food (berries, pecans, kale, red cabbage, beans, beetroot, spinach.)

Herbs to support liver and kidney health. (To view products that can assist with liver and kindney health please visit our Online Shop.)

There is no quick fix magic potion detox, to cleanse you from all the gunk that built up for years, in a zippy.

Your body cleanses every moment of every day. It’s an ongoing process…

I love doing a cleanse/detox for some days after a holiday or a party when I’ve eaten junk and too much.

FRESH AND RAW fruit and vegetables are natures cleansers and make one feel better and get back on the straight and narrow. You can feel the difference after the first day of eating fresh and drinking water.

Maybe a “detox” is something that makes us feel better, and that’s also fine. At least there is some awareness of the effect of our lifestyles.

Prevention is always better than cure!!!

Do your best to do the best for your body, heart and mind.

Remember to do a mental & emotional cleanse from time to time – It has a BIG impact on your health.

Educate and empower yourself! Your body is your responsibility!

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Our wonderful brain has a similar detox system to our body called the Glymphatic system which connects with the Lymphatic system.

Do you know why your sleep quality is so important?

We need to sleep specifically so that the brain can focus on cleaning itself out each night. The clear cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain is what is responsible for draining toxins from the brain, much like how the   removes waste from cells. But the brain has no lymph – it has CSF instead.

While you sleep, your brain is busy sweeping and mopping the floor, washing the dishes, and taking out the trash to prepare itself for the next day. The mostwell-known neurotoxin, beta-amyloid plaque, is drained through these glymphatics of the brain.

The problem is that studies show that the less you sleep, the less these glymphatics can work and the more beta-amyloid accumulates in the brain. The more beta-amyloid that accumulates in the brain, the worse you sleep and the worse your memory can become.

Effective function of the Glymphatic system is dependent on a variety of factors, Heart health, Immune health, and blood vessel health (circulation).

Inflammation, disease, and poor dietary and lifestyle choices can impede the lymphatic drainage of the brain and adversely affect the health of both your body and brain.

How can we get the Glymphatic system healthy?

Hydration: The volume of fluid within our body helps to support cerebral blood-flow, if we are dehydrated or have consumed too many not-hydrating beverages such as coffee or alcohol; we can have impaired cerebral blood-flow. This can lead to fatigue, dizziness, and poor waste removal.

Eat brain supporting food and take brain supporting supplements.

Restorative Sleep, prioritize your sleep and get the necessary rest your brain needs to clean out the trash so you can be fresh for a new day.

Exercise, get your heart pumping and your blood moving.

For more information visit:

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Headaches can take the joy out of living. They can lower your motivation level so low that you don’t even want to do anything about them! People with daily headache deserve our deepest sympathy since they must carry on with life’s daily duties despite it. Often, no medicine helps. Although there are common headaches, sinus headaches, migraines, and others, the causes of all overlap a great deal.

Tooth infection, urinary tract infection, bowel problems, and a wormlet, Strongyloides are the common causes. There are also allergic connections which include milk, eggs, citrus, and salty foods. But the allergy-approach is difficult to put into practice. It is almost impossible to stay off these foods for long time periods. Eliminating bacteria and Strongyloides leads to a permanent solution.

Possibly the parasite wormlet comes first, since even young children can suffer with migraines. Strongyloides is a microscopically small threadworm that horses are plagued with, but humans and our pets pick it up easily. Every migraine sufferer (100%) has high levels of this tiny worm. Perhaps it is really the special bacteria it brings with it that cause the blood vessels to seep or to spasm in the brain, causing pain.

Bacteria hidden under a tooth filling or root canal or in a space where once a tooth was pulled can be the cause. Staphylococcus aureus is a favourite, but various Clostridia, Streps and others are often seen, too. You don’t feel pain from this small abscess because the pressure isn’t building up inside it. It has found a way into your body–namely, your brain! –so no pressure builds up to alert you. Find an alternative dentist with experience cleaning cavitation’s and finding small hidden abscesses. If you get immediate relief from dental work, only to lose ground again later, the abscess may have formed again (they are notorious for forming again). Go back to the dentist. Irrigate the dental wound site with white iodine (potassium iodide, 12 drops) or Lugol’s (6 drops) to cup water using a curved-tip syringe. Do not use iodine if you know you are allergic to it.

The colon is always a thriving mass of bacteria. It should be emptied at least twice a day to keep their levels down. Use the Colonix Herbal Tincture (shop page) to help you eliminate frequently if your own regularity is lacking.

Gallstones in the liver and a congested liver are sources of bacteria, too. Do several liver cleanses and note the effect. Is it the toxins made by bacteria or the inflammation from the bacteria or wormlets themselves that produces the headache? Certainly, one can eat the toxins by themselves in foods like yogurt, cheese, wine, sour cream and develop “royal” headaches. Stay away from these tyramine containing foods. Boil all your dairy foods to prevent Salmonellas and Shigellas from swimming into your beleaguered brain.

Don’t eat dairy foods that can’t be boiled for ten seconds.

Never let a horse or pet salivate on you.

Never put your fingers in your mouth.

Always sanitize your hands with grain alcohol after using the bathroom.

Headaches are also caused by toxins in your environment; especially things you breathe in. Household gas is the most common offender. You don’t smell it after you get used to it! Gas pipes are notoriously leaky. Conducting gases through pipes with joints in them, where gases could escape, must be the most ludicrous of all modern “conveniences”. Would you try to conduct water through pipes with holes in them? You would soon see the water on your kitchen or bathroom floor. But gas doesn’t land on the floor, it doesn’t make a puddle, so you, the consumer, are left helplessly believing you don’t have leaks. Every gas pipe that has a seam should have a clear plastic boot around it containing indicator compound to let it be known when gas is escaping. Other methods could be invented to make the gas utility safe. As you will see from the case histories, a lot of people are living in a cloud of poisonous gas. The tell-tale element is vanadium. When your vanadium test is positive, you have a gas leak that your body found, even though the gas company may not. Health Departments and building contractors use modern equipment that detects even the tiniest leak; call them.

If you are a headache sufferer, fixing the pipes is not good enough. Switch from fossil fuels to electric. There will be many dividends. (Remember not to use candles as part of your lifestyle, nor to be a smoker.) Your air needs to be clean: clean of perfumes and colognes, clean of potpourri and air fresheners, clean of air sprays, pesticides, formaldehyde, freon, carpet and car odour, fireplace lighter, and of wood smoke.

Book a Bio-Resonance scan at INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg to find the origin of your headache or migraine.

(Reference: Dr. Hulda Clark, “Cure for all Diseases”book)

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Blood pressure is mainly controlled by the adrenal glands which sit like little caps on top of the kidneys. Whatever is affecting the kidneys is probably affecting the adrenals, too, since they’re so close to each other. You must find out what it is. You could do your search in the kidneys by coming for a Bio-Resonance scan at INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg.

What will you find? Probably cadmium. Search for the cadmium source in your drinking water! Cadmium comes from the metal pipes. In fact, you could scrape a galvanized pipe to get a cadmium test substance. Conducting or storing drinking water in containers of metal is as foolish a practice as eating food off the floor. Water picks up everything it touches simply because it is wet! You may not see what it picked up any more than you can see if it has picked up sugar or salt. The cadmium and other metal is dissolved in the water. The older the pipes the softer, more corroded they are, and the more metal is picked up as the water rushes by. If you find cadmium in your hot or cold water, you will never be able to filter it out. Nor should you switch to bottled water. The amount of cadmium in your clothing from doing laundry with this water is already too much for your adrenals and kidneys. Change your galvanized pipes to PVC plastic. If you believe you already have plastic pipes or all copper (which leads to leukemia, schizophrenia and fertility problems) you will need to search every inch of plumbing for a very short piece of galvanized pipe left in the system! A piece as short as a 2 inch T or Y can be causing all the trouble. The toxicity of cadmium, in fact, the high blood pressure connection, has been known a long time. After finding the cadmium start on the kidney cleanse. You might miss the cadmium problem if you don’t attend to it first.

Also remove all metal from your mouth. All (100%) cases of high blood pressure that have been seen could be cured by eliminating cadmium and other pollutants, followed by cleansing the kidneys. Mold toxins have specific kidney effects! Especially T-2 toxin, found mostly in dried peas, beans and lentils. Rinse these thoroughly first, throw away shriveled ones, and add vitamin C to the cooking water. All cases of serious kidney disease show a build up of T-2 toxin. Be extra careful to avoid moldy food (read Moldy Food on our concerns page).

(Reference: Dr. Hulda Clark, “Cure for all Disease” book)

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What is immunity or the immune system?

The immune system is basically the Warrior or Soldier of your body; it protects us against viruses, bacteria, parasites and more. We are all born with an immune system and it grows stronger as we grow older. That is why adults and teens get sick less often than children. It is our immune system that keeps us healthy.

The immune system is spread throughout the whole body and involves many types of cells, organs, proteins, and tissues. Very importantly, it can distinguish our own tissue from foreign or harmful tissue entering the body. One of the main characters in our immune system is white blood cells. These little guys are constantly on the lookout for the foreign or harmful pathogens and tissues that enter the body. They patrol or circulate the body through the blood vessels andLymphatic system.

When our immune system is unactive and weak we can contract various illnesses, infections and tumours. If you are healthy, your immune system is strong, and you need to maintain it all year round with a healthy lifestyle and nutritious foods. If you eat the right foods, you need less supplements.

Supplements add value to your food.

Vitamin C improves the health of your immune system by providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The best vitamin C foods are fruits like oranges, pineapples, lemons, grapefruit and guavas.

Vitamin D also supports the health of our immune system and regulates insulin levels. Getting sun exposure anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes per day, 2 – 3 times a week on your arms and face is enough to boost your vitamin D intake. Vitamin D can also be obtained by eating certain foods.The best food sources are fish oil and fatty fish like salmon and cod liver oil.

Zinc keeps the immune system strong, helps to heal wounds and fight infections. The best foods that contain the most zinc are read meat and poultry. Other good sources are beans, nuts and dairy products.

Probiotics (microbiome) are good bacteria that help you digest nutrients that boost the detoxification of your colon and support your immune system.Wonderful probiotic foods to consume are things like, Kefir, Sauerkraut,Kimchi and Kombucha.

Exercise: physical activity is extremely important to strengthen your immune system. Exercise keeps the lymphatic system moving and boosts the health of the microbiome.

Improved sleep: when we are deprived from proper sleep our immune system does not function properly. It is advised to get at least 7 hour of sleep per night.

Limit alcohol consumption: Too much alcohol can certainly impact your immune function. Alcohol negatively impacts your gut health. It decreases immune function and makes you more susceptible to harmful pathogens.Stick to one or 2 alcohol drinks a week, or less, to boost your immune system.

Limit sugar consumption: Sugar causes nutrient imbalance and deficiencies in your body; it increases the risk of disease and sickness and so impacts your immune system negatively.

Your body’s pH balance, also referred to as its acid-base balance, is the level of acids and bases in your blood at which your body functions best.The human body is built to naturally maintain a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity. Excess sugar raises the acidity, a high acidity level can have a negative effect on all systems, particularly the digestive, intestinal, circulatory, respiratory, and immune systems

But, when you find that you are ill and your immune is very low and weak, you need to add on top of your nutrition and boost it with immune-boosting antimicrobial and antiviral herbs and supplements like:

Oregano oil has wide-reaching health benefits, it is known for helping to prevent and treat infections such as urinary tract infections respiratory infections, yeast infections, parasitic and viral infections and Candida and it is great in boosting the immune system.

Ginger is believed to help break down the accumulation of toxins in our organs due to its warming effects. It’s also known to cleanse the lymphatic system, and organs that help rid the body of toxins. It boosts the immune system and treats inflammatory disorders that cause infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Bone broth supports immune function by promoting the health of your gut and reducing inflammation.

Colloidal Silver supports the body to resist and overcome bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Bioworx Umkhonto: Ingredients: B. laterosporus; Vitamin A; Vitamin B6;Vitamin C [Ascorbic acid]; Vitamin D3 1000iu; Vitamin E [d-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate]; Vitamin B9 [Folic acid]; Selenium AAC 0.2% & Zinklactate 22%.

DNA Gravi C: Ingredients: Amla, Graviola, Piperine, Sutherlandia,Magnolia Bark, Curcumin, and Milk Thistle.

PHR Immune Power: contains Echinacea – boosts immunity, kills bacteria. Astragalus – boosts immunity, aids digestion, combats fatigue. Olive leaf –anti viral, anti bacterial, anti parasitic, boosts immunity.

Once your immune system is up and running and strong again, you can cease using all the boosting meds and just maintain it once again with your supplements and good lifestyle habits.

Book a Bio-Resonance scan at INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg to find the origin of your health concern.

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When food cannot digest it ferments forming gasses and alcohols. The gas build-up creates pressure, forcing digestive juices to reflux, and alcohols which are formed in the fermentation process cause erosion, inflammation and ulcerations of the mucosal lining.

Symptoms associated with undigested food:

Bloating, constipation, gas, gastritus, IBS, oesophageal reflux, peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, malabsorbtion of nutrients.

Contributing Factors:

1. Low Stomach Acid (or high pH)

Many people with digestive ailments are under the misconception that they are OVER producing stomach acid, but in fact they are often not producing ENOUGH stomach acid. The body’s natural ability to produce stomach acid/hydrochloric acid (HCI) is affected by certain factors like stress, nutrient defciency and ageing.

Additionally, low levels of acid also allow certain bacteria such as H.pylori and E.coli to survive and proliferate inside the stomach and digestive system.

2. Stress – emotional, physical or mental

Digestion is dramatically impacted by stress. The body produces adrenaline and cortisol in reaction to stress.

This is what is commonly termed the natural fight or flight reaction. Extreme stress causes the body to overproduce cortisol to counter these higher stress levels. Excessive cortisol hinders sleep patterns, digestion and metabolism, resulting in digestive disorders and weight gain. The body’s adrenaline response increases the heart rate and redirects blood from the digestive system to the muscular system. This results in an accumulation of undigested food and the build-up of damaging gasses and alcohols.

3. Other Causes

Other causes of digestive disorders and damage to the mucosal lining include alcohol abuse, long term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medication and erosion of the gastric mucosal lining which inhibit the secretion of digestive juices.

Combining Food for Improved Digestion

Different food groups digest at different speeds and require different pH environments and enzymes.

Eat Proteins (Fish, meat, chicken, dairy, eggs, nuts and seeds) with vegetables (broccoli, cabbage,

cauliflower, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, onions, garlic, butternut, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, etc.)

Allow 4-6 hours after eating proteins before eating the next meal.

Eat Carbohydrates (Grains, bread, rice, crackers, cereal, pasta, potatoes, corn, oats, etc.) with vegetables

(broccoli, cabbage, cauli ower, avo, spinach, mushrooms, onions, garlic, carrot, butternut, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, etc.) Allow 2-3 hours after eating carbohydrates before eating a different meal.

Eat Fruit alone or leave it alone. Allow 30 min to 1 hour before eating then next meal.


How you feel immediately after a meal or a while later, will tell you how well you digested the food.

Bloating, gas and burping, heartburn and discomfort are warning signs.

Eating Recommendations

• Eat slowly

• Eat sitting down

• Eat in moderation

• Avoid eating when stressed

• Chew your food thoroughly

• Avoid extremely hot or cold food

• Do not drink with meals

• Do not exercise immediately after a meal

• Consider eating a variety of different foods: then be mindful of how your body responds.

We are all unique.


• Excessive alcohol, Carbonated and caffeinated coldrinks, citrus juices, coffee, tea and tomato juice.

• An excessive intake of caffeine, increases the production of stress hormones. Stress hormones cause your heart to beat faster and boost your energy by redirecting the blood supply away from the digestive system to the muscles.

• Caffeine also acts as a diuretic which can lead to dehydration, which in turn can contribute to constipation.

• Junk food – Food containing high levels of calories from sugar and fat with less protein, vitamins and minerals. Food with low nutritional value.

• Starch “baddies”: They cause sugar to spike rapidly and then fall sharply. This is linked to a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

Positive Affirmation: I digest and assimilate all experiences peacefully and joyously.

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It is commonly accepted as normal(!) in children to have pain in the shins or calves of the leg. They may even be called “growing pains.” Children may cry with the pain and never tell anyone the reason for crying. It happens mostly after napping. This may be caused by cramping of the leg or spasms of the blood vessels. Lead toxicity is a common cause of both. Test for the presence of both lead and cadmium in the tap water. If either poison is found, test the water supply from each faucet in the house, in the morning, before it has been run. Find the offending sources, change the water pipes to polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Also search for thallium or mercury in the child’s saliva. If it is there, remove all dental metal. Stop using all commercial disposable diapers, dental floss, cotton swabs and bandages; they are polluted with mercury and thallium probably from manufacturing. Most disposable diapers tested had mercury and thallium! These toxins can be absorbed through babies’ skin.

To relieve pain:

  • immerse legs in warm water
  • massage legs gently

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(Reference: Dr. Hulda Clark, “Cure for all Diseases”book)

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Everything that’s animal or vegetable can get moldy. While living things are alive, the mold attackers can be held at bay. As soon as they are dead, molding begins. First it molds; then bacterial action sets in. This is what makes things biodegradable. It is a precious phenomenon. It does away with filth—in an exquisite manner. Without mold and decay the streets of New York would still be full of horse manure from the days of the horse and buggy and our lakes too full of dead fish to swim in. Every grain has its molds; every fruit has its molds; tea and coffee plants have their molds; as do all herbs, and vegetables. Nuts have their molds; nuts grown in the ground (peanuts) are especially moldy because the earth is so full of mold spores. But the wind carries these spores high up into trees, and even up to the stratosphere. Molds are not very choosy. They have their preference for certain plants and conditions. But the same molds can grow on many plants.

Therefore aflatoxin, for instance, is found not just in your cereal, bread and pasta but in nuts, maple syrup, orange juice, vinegar, wine, etc. Where is it not? It is not in dairy products or fresh fruit and vegetables, provided you wash the outside. It is not in meat, eggs, and fish. It is not in water. Although aflatoxin is found in commercial bread, you do not find it in carefully screened wheat that has had its discolored, shriveled seeds removed before using it for making bread, cereals, and noodles. It is not in baked goods bought at bakeries, left open to air. Evidently the system of wrapping baked goods in plastic keeps moisture trapped and starts the molding process.

Here is some good news for cooks: if you bake it yourself, adding a bit of vitamin C to the dough, your breads will be mold free for an extended period (and rise higher).

Foods that contain (Aflatoxin): 

Roasted Nuts

Rice an Pasta



Foods that contain (Zearalenone): 


Corn Chips

Brown Rice

Foods that contain (Sterigmatocystin):


Foods that contain (Ergot):


Whole Grain Breads



Foods that contain (Cytochalasin B):


Foods that contain (Kojic Acid):


Regular Coffee

Foods that contain (T-2 Toxin):

Dried Peas and Beans

Foods that contain (Sorghum Molds):


Sorghum Syrup


Foods that contain (Patulin):

Fresh Fruit (except lemons and bananas)

Other foods that contain molds:

Crackers, Dried Fruits, Peanut Butter and other Nut butters, Tea, Genuine Maple Syrup and Hot Cereals.

What to do about moldy foods?

  1. Make and Bake foods for yourself
  2. Test food you dearly love but can’t make
  3. Treat food that are treatable for molds
  4. Throw the rest out of your diet

Just heating a food to boiling point does not kill the molds. Boiling for several minutes at a higher temperature or baking does kill them (but not ergot) and also destroys aflatoxin they produce and left in the food. For foods you can’t heat that high, for example roasted nuts, or vinegar, Vitamin C come to the rescue.

(Reference: Dr. Hulda Clark, “Cure for all Diseases”book)

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Humans need about seven hours of sleep out of the twenty-four. Younger ones sleep more; new-borns sleep much more. When we are deprived of sleep, we are grouchy, think less clearly next day and have less energy. Despite lots of research at “sleep labs” sleep problems are not understood, except for sleep apnea. Breathing should be even. When breaths are missed it is called apnea. It is especially disturbing when a baby shows apnea.

Sleep Apnea

Since breathing is regulated by acid levels in the blood and this is influenced by air quality, air toxins. Cigarette smoke is an air toxin. Vanadium from a gas leak is a very serious air toxin and can go unnoticed. PVC from new carpeting may be polluting the air. Arsenic from “treated” carpets and drapes and furniture also pollutes. Asbestos from clothes and hair dryers may be the toxin responsible. Perhaps even fiberglass, formaldehyde, or freon. Adults with sleep apnea show swollen throat tissues: not necessarily pain. This makes the air passage smaller, long gasps of air are taken to try to make up for the missed oxygen and the carbon dioxide build up. Swelling of the throat is a common allergic reaction.

The possibility of allergy should get second consideration after air quality. Drug reactions, even in a nursing baby, where only the mother is using a medicine could be the problem. Allergy to food, chemicals has been suggested, as well as a simple lack of vitamin C (implicating mold and medicine which consume vitamin C in the detoxification process).

A third possibility is infection. Many bacteria and viruses can cause throat swelling. Redness of the throat is a telltale sign. It doesn’t necessarily hurt. Kill all invaders with a zapper and try to understand the basis of low immunity in the throat. Keeping metal in the mouth constantly, is a cause of low throat immunity since it must drain past the throat. If you snore, you can deduce that your throat is swollen, even if you don’t have sleep apnea. Pursue all three possible causes (air toxin, allergy, infection). Overweight and obesity have been emphasized as causes. This may apply to some cases but certainly not to babies.


Another sleep disturbance is waking in the night and not being able to go back to sleep for hours. Or not being able to get to sleep. It is believed that these problems are caused by a high ammonia level in the brain. This belief is based on two observations. Ornithine, an ammonia reducer, induces a wonderful sleep in sleep deprived persons. It is also observed that after killing parasites, which produce ammonia, sleep is much improved. Our metabolism does not produce ammonia. We produce urea which is excreted by the kidneys along with water and then called urine. When we are parasitized, our metabolism is burdened with ammonia, though, made by the parasites. We must turn it into urea in the liver and kidneys so we can excrete for them. But this can’t be done in the brain! The brain lacks an essential enzyme, ornithine carbamyl -transferase.

The brain was never meant to be parasitized or infected and has no defense. Most of our parasites come from animals we associate with. We weren’t meant to live with horses, cows, sheep, pigs, monkeys, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and chickens nor to come in contact with dozens more at a zoo. We do so at our own peril. It is known that ammonia is a strong brain irritant. In fact, a person can be awakened from a coma by being made to smell ammonia “smelling salts.” Ornithine reacts with ammonia, mopping it up like a sponge.

Arginine, another amino acid, also reacts with ammonia, but does not put you to sleep. So there is more to insomnia than mere inability to reduce ammonia levels. Arginine results in alertness and therefore should be used in the morning, when needed. Ornithine, given at bedtime, may take ó hour to do its magic. Both are perfectly safe, since they are natural to your body, and a food constituent. Sometimes it takes five days to “catch up” on everything that needs to be done for the brain and get you sleeping.

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(Reference: Dr. Hulda Clark, “Cure for all Diseases”book)

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Sleep and Insomnia

Insomnia is a general term referring to any difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep. Left untreated, it may lead to irritability, memory problems, depression, anxiety, and, in the longer term, to an increased risk of accidents, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, immune system problems, etc.

MELATONIN is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. As darkness falls at the end of each day, melatonin production rises. In the morning, when daylight hits the retina, neural impulses cause production of the hormone to slow. Clearly, light and darkness are the primary factors that set the rhythms of melatonin production. It has been found that a variety of regular daily routines can strengthen the rhythm of melatonin production.

Blue light emitted by tv s, laptops, cell phones and other devices negatively affects melatonin production.

The liver and sleep …

Studies have revealed that a correlation exists between the liver and sleep patterns, with those suffering from liver problems such as cirrhosis and fatty liver disease often exhibiting disturbed or upset sleep patterns. Sleep disturbances between 1-4am are often linked to the liver.

The liver is responsible for deactivating hormones; it plays a critical role when it comes to hormones. When it comes to sleep patterns, many different hormones can have an effect. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is usually secreted just before you wake up in the morning so you feel refreshed and energised for the day ahead. Melatonin, on the other hand, is produced as natural light fades, helping you to feel relaxed and sleepy in preparation for bedtime. The liver can influence these hormones in a couple of ways. The liver isn’t responsible for secreting or producing hormones, but does deal with these hormones once they have served their purpose.

If a person is suffering from a troubled liver, it is possible that the liver may struggle to breakdown melatonin. This may result in increased bouts of daytime fatigue followed by night-time alertness when the liver finally gets around to deactivating the melatonin still circulating in the system.

Dietary Tips that will impact your sleep:

  • Generally, reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates/foods and sugar as these deplete nutrients and contribute to nutritional deficiencies. For example low levels of B vitamins, omega fatty acids, and calcium/ magnesium due to poor diet can interfere with the body’s natural sleep process.
  • Throughout the day, keep your blood sugar levels stable by eating regular, nutritionally balanced meals. The rhythm of melatonin production is strengthened by regular daily routines. If you skip meals/ eat sporadically this is perceived as a stressor and can push up cortisol levels. Cortisol makes your body ready for fight/flight and high levels, even during the day and can keep you awake at night.
  • An allergic reaction to food/preservatives/colorants can stimulate a stress response and cause your heart rate and cortisol levels to rise.
  • Your evening meal should be a light meal and at least 3 hours before bed. In the evening eat bananas, figs, tuna, nut butters and dates – these contain Tryptophan which can make you feel sleepier.
  • Don’t go sleep on a full stomach of heavy, indigestible, or spicy foods, or large amounts of protein which will stay in your stomach for long time. It can interfere with your relaxation and can contribute to bad dreams.
  • Avoid having bacon/ham, sausages, chocolate, tomatoes, cheese, eggplant, potatoes, spinach or wine for your evening meal. They contain Tyramine which has stimulating effect on the CNS.

Lifestyle tips:

  • Alcohol, drugs (recreational/pharmaceutical), too much caffeine and nicotine, continuous stress and watching TV can over stimulate your nervous system and reduce your chances of sleeping well and falling asleep naturally.
  • Anxiety and depression, often due to stress, are the most common causes of sleeplessness. Contributing to this is physical tension and an over-active mind caused by worry, fear, anxiety or grief.
  • Avoid exercising late at night. Vigorous activity delays melatonin secretion. If you exercise in the morning, you will reinforce healthful sleeping habits that will lead to regular melatonin production. For best results do your morning exercise outdoors, in the morning light.
  • Consider counselling or the support of friends for unresolved emotional/personal issues which are causing stress.

Healthy sleep Habits:

  • Your bedroom should become your sleep sanctuary. Only use your bedroom for sleep and relaxation.
  • Do not use TV, laptops, ipads, mobiles or gadgets in the bedroom – these prevent our brains from relaxing into a slower, sleep-ready cycle. Avoid stimulating activity/stressful situations before bed.
  • Get to bed before midnight. We have our best quality sleep in the hours before 12:00am.
  • To establish a healthy sleep cycle, go to bed at the same time every night and set your alarm for the same time every morning. Get out of bed as soon as you wake. It has been found that “snoozing” is harmful to your health.
  • Once your sleep cycle is re-established you may begin to naturally wake up before your alarm, and can do without one.
  • If you can’t sleep – Don’t stay sleepless in bed, get up and repeat your sleep preparation schedule until you are sleepy again. Do not work or watch TV.

Sleep preparation:

  • Establish a restful routine to repeat each night before bed. Use it as a deliberate relaxation time to rest your body, slow your breathing and calm your mind.
  • Progressive contraction/relaxation exercises, deep breathing, a few long slow stretches, and meditation/visualisation can help you relax.
  • Have a warm bath and add relaxing /calming aromatherapy oils such as Roman chamomile, Lavender, Clary sage, Neroli, Ylang ylang, Sandalwood, or Marjoram.
  • Apply soothing body oil up the spine as relaxation before bed.
  • Enjoy a soothing cup of herbal tea such as Chamomile, Lavender or Lemon Balm before bed.
  • Keep your bedroom quiet, dark and at a comfy temperature. If you don’t have black-out curtains, use an eye mask/blindfold or get earplugs if outside noises are disturbing.
  • Try having a small snack of whole grain crackers, warm milk or a banana before bed.
  • Last but not least: consider an evening contemplation practice – get quiet, empty yourself of all the happenings of the day. Forgive who needs to be forgiven. Let it go. Give thanks for your blessings. Then think about tomorrow. Write down what you must do. Think it through and plan it properly. THEN pray and trust and go to bed…


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THE BLOOD CIRCULATION SYSTEM (cardiovascular system) delivers nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body. There are two circulatory systems that are connected. The systemic circulation provides organs, tissues, and cells with blood so that they get oxygen and other vital substances.The pulmonary circulation is where the fresh oxygen we breathe in enters the blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide is released from the blood.

PROPER CIRCULATION is key for maintaining optimal health, allowing every organ to function properly.

Signs of poor circulation:

  • Muscles that hurt or feel weak when you walk
  • A ‘’pins and needles’’ sensation on your skin
  • Pale or blue skin colour
  • Cold fingers or toes
  • Numbness
  • Chet pain
  • Swelling
  • Veins that bulge


  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attacks
  • Heart failure
  • Strokes
  • Aneurism etc.


Plaque buildup, blood clots, thick blood or narrowed blood vessels can lead to poor circulation.

(It is difficult to get porridge through a hosepipe)


MODIFIABLE RISK FACTORS are factors that can be controlled, changed, or treated with lifestyle changes.

  • Lack of exercise
  • Being overweight
  • Smoking
  • Overuse of alcohol
  • High levels of stress
  • Poor diet


B COMPLEX, especially B3(reduces inflammation and bad cholesterol), in kale and spinach.

Vit C prevents blood clots, lower inflammation, improve circulation and much more.

OMEGA 3 fatty acids – needed to reduce inflammation, prevent blood from clotting, help reduce plaque in the heart s arteries and decrease atherosclerosis.

HERBS like Hawthorn, Ginkgo biloba, Cayenne, Parsley etc.


  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Don’t smoke.
  • EXERCISE: Cardiovascular exercise (any activity that increases heart rate and respiration and raises oxygen and blood flow throughout the body) is beneficial for your health, especially the circulatory system
  • Maintain a healthy diet (EAT MORE: Lemons, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, avocados, fatty fish (mackerel, sardines, trout), walnuts, beans, dark chocolate, tomatoes, almonds, seeds, garlic, olive oil and green tea
  • Avoid trans fats and saturated fats which are often found in processed foods and fast food
  • Limit alcohol and salt intake
  • Use relaxation and self-care to reduce stress

Do research (Patrick Holford Homocysteine) and test your HOMOCYSTEINE!

HIGH levels of homocysteine in the blood can damage the lining of the arteries. It may also make the blood clot more easily than it should.

If your homocysteine levels are high, you are deficient in B12, B6, zinc or folic acid.

Vit C and E lowers Homocysteine.

Take care of your Body, Mind & Soul – you are worth it!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Colitis, and Spastic Colon

These are all conditions that combine parasite and bacterial problems plus an allergic trigger. If dairy foods trigger yours, it is not allergic at all but simply Salmonella or Shigella infection. Boil all dairy foods, stop eating ice cream, cheese, and yogurt which you cannot boil. If eating lettuce triggers your intestinal attack, but other roughage does not, it may be a true allergen and cleaning the liver will eventually cure it. Apples, cinnamon, and other “allergic” foods can be salvaged the same way. Wheat “allergy” is due to the pancreas being full of pancreatic flukes, wood alcohol, Kojic acid (a mycotoxin), and gold.

All these bowel diseases are quite easily cured by killing all parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Since reinfection is such a big problem, give your pet away until you are completely cured. Have your pet on the herbal parasite program before bringing it back. Clean up your diet, dental ware and environment. Your abdomen will be happy once more and grateful to you for your kind attention. Remember that zapping does not penetrate the bowel contents. It kills only the outside layer of pathogens. For this reason, you should zap daily for several weeks. It is recommended to do the Colon cleansing program and also to come for rife sessions at INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg.

Crohn’s Disease

This is somewhat more serious because the sores are higher up in the digestive tract. This is because sheep liver fluke and pancreatic fluke are commonly the main parasites and these live in the pancreas and liver. They often spill over into the upper intestine. Salmonella and Shigella are always part of the picture, too, as are various amoebae and fungi. The treatment is the same, kill all parasites and remove all pollutants, especially wood alcohol in commercial beverages. Healing of the digestive tract is very quick, often in a week. Reinfection is very quick too if the rule about cooking dairy foods is not observed. Keep up meticulous hand sanitation.

Book a Bio-Resonance scan at INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg to find the origin of your colon health concern.

(Reference: Dr. Hulda Clark, “Cure for all Diseases”book)

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A parasite is an organism that lives off another organism. Parasites living inside the human body will feed off our cells, off our energy, off the food we eat, even off the supplements we take. Parasites have invaded our bodies so that many diseases are merely symptoms of infestations of microscopic viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi, protozoa, fluke and worms.

TAPEWORMS – up to 12 meters in length in the intestinal tract; infected from beef and pork.

ROUNDWORMS | THREADWORMS – from 0,2 cm to 35 cm long in intestinal tract, lymphatic vessels, pancreas, heart, lungs, liver or body cavities.

PROTOZOA – microscopic single celled parasites in blood stream and migrate to all body parts.

Sources of contamination:

Contaminated soil, fruit and vegetables

Polluted water/tap water, raw or rare meat

Pets, Insect carriers – Mosquitoes

Contact with faeces

Contact with someone who has parasites

Parasites can mimic other disorders and|or produce no noticeable symptoms.

The following can be symptoms of parasite infection:

Irritability / Nervousness, Low grade fever, Brain fog, Overall fatigue,Disturbed sleep, Light sensitivity, Dark circles under eyes, Headaches/ neck aches / back aches, Nose picking, Post-nasal drip, Coughing,Nail biting, Swollen glands, Teeth grinding, Food and environmental sensitivities, Sugar cravings, Weight loss (or gain), Ravenous appetite(or loss of appetite), Digestive complaints (gas, bloating, cramps), Pain in umbilicus, Persistent skin problems, Muscle cramps, Join pain, Itchy anus or ears, Prostatitis, Elevated eosinophils (white blood cells),Granulomas (tumor-like masses that encase destroyed larva or parasites), Depressed secretory IgA (an antibody), Diarrhoea or constipation, Bed wetting, Mucus in stools, Foul smelling stools

Recommended treatment:

We recommend a 2 yearly herbal parasite cleanse. Use herbal remedies for 3 weeks. In severe cases it might be necessary to use remedies for up to 3 months.

Take more fibre for cleansing. It is important to have one or more bowel movements a day.

The die-off or Herxheimer reaction of departing parasite infestations may cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, tired, u-like symptoms, irritability, cramps and skin skin rashes.

To ease symptoms, incorporate other detox methods.

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For the wash (shampoo):

1x Empty 4.5 liter jug (glass)

1/8 cup borax powder

Plastic funnel


For the rinse (conditioner):

1x Empty 550ml jug (glass)

¼ tsp. Citric acid

Plastic funnel

Funnel the borax into the 4.5L jug, then fill with cold tap water. Shake a few times and let it settle. In a few minutes you can pour off the clear part into dispenser bottles. Or use any bottle, pour borax powder to a depth of 2.5cm or so. Add cold tap water and shake. When you have used it down to the undissolved granules, add more water and shake again. Add more borax when the undissolved granules get low. This is the shampoo!

Borax inhibits the bacterial enzyme urease and is therefore antibacterial. It may even clear your skin of blemishes and stop your scalp from itching. It does not lather but goes right to work removing sweat and soil without stripping your color or natural oils. It inhibits scalp bacteria and stops flaking and itching. Hair gets squeaky clean so quickly (just a few squirts does it)! You will soon be accustomed to non-lathery shampoo. Rinse very thoroughly because you should leave your scalp slightly acidic.

Take a the 550ml container to the shower with you. Put 1/4 tsp. citric (not ascorbic) acid crystals in it. For long hair use a quart of rinse. Only citric acid is strong enough to get the borax out, lemon juice and vinegar are not. After shampooing, fill the container with water and rinse. Rinse your whole body, too, since citric acid is also anti-bacterial. All hair shampoo penetrates the eye lids and gets into the eyes although you do not feel it. It is important to use this natural rinse to neutralize the shampoo in your eyes. (Some people have stated that citric acid makes their hair curlier or reddens it. If this is undesirable, use only half as much citric acid.) Citric acid also conditions and gives sheen to body and hair.

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(Reference: Dr. Hulda Clark, “Cure for all Diseases”book)

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