“Bioresonance, is the life force that animates and integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic self. When we are healthy, these aspects are balanced between one another creating homeostasis. Likewise when we are exposed to internal and external stress such as lifestyle, parasites, fungi, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc., what was once a natural state of health has now become disrupted and distorted.

Additionally, the organs, cells and tissue in the body carry specific electrical properties as known as frequency that can become disrupted and distorted as well.

Bioresonance is meant to identify and assist with “normalizing” the electrical wavelengths emitted through an individual. When we are able to accurately analysis the imbalances creating disruption and distortion, the body is able to move towards healing and homeostasis.

After the scan has analyze the imbalances and stressors in the body, it can apply either Protective or Destructive biofeedback (frequencies).

Destructed therapy will apply a frequency to assist the body in expelling harmful toxins or pathogens. A protective therapy will help by giving the body, tissues, organs or systems corrective frequency to repair and heal. This process can be done through inperson an remote remote laser therapy or imprinted tinctures.”