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Meet our consultant, Anneke

I started INNOVATIVE Wellness Helderberg because health is important to me. I care about people and I would like to introduce the world to alternative and natural ways of treating illnesses. The methods that we use are proved and tested, some dating back to centuries ago. Also, some are new to the world of health. As technologies advance so does health care. These methods are trusted all around the world by health care practitioners. Based on scientific knowledge and facts we trust in our products and services. I personally use and take part in what I practice. Through many researching programs, Dr. Hulda Clark introduced the Zapper. A machine so powerful and advance it can treat a variety of health issues. Dr. Hulda is a big influence in what we do and stand for.


Our services include: Full body 3D Bioresonance scans, analysis and report… Rife therapy session… Ozone therapy


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Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Royal Rife

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